Change Informix logging mode

On Informix error “transactions not supported”, we should check Informix logging mode:

SELECT is_logging, is_buff_log, is_ansi FROM sysdatabases WHERE name= ‘db_name’

If “is_logging” and “is_buff_log” are equals to 0, we have to change database logging mode.

  1. Change logging mode:
    • ondblog unbuf databasename
  2. Database level 0 backup:
    • ontape -s -L 0 -B databasename (we should have changed TAPEDEV variable from %INFORMIXDIR%/etc/%CONFIG% to any accesible directory.
  3. Set database online and allow multi-user:
    • onmode -m



Informix – Configuración de spaces para Smart-large-object

touch /tmp/ifxtmp.dat
chmod 660 /tmp/ifxtmp.dat
chown informix /tmp/ifxtmp.dat
chgrp informix /tmp/ifxtmp.dat
/opt/informix/bin/onspaces -c -S sbddbs -p /tmp/ifxtmp.dat -o 0 -s 1000000
/opt/informix/bin/onbar -b -F
vim /opt/informix/etc/onconfig
– Añadimos sbddbs al parámetro SBSPACENAME
/opt/informix/bin/onmode –ky